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Our Signature Experience

Regardless of how much you spend on your new bike, we treat each and every client with the exact same attention to detail and service.  Our goal is to help cyclists of all types.  Your budget and price point will not affect the treatment you receive.  We sell bikes to beginners and seasoned cyclists alike.  Whether it's your first bike or your tenth, we want to make it a fun, interesting and rewarding experience.

Mosaic Cycles

Shopping for a New Bike?

At Bluegrass Bicycle Company, we take a completely unique and different approach to bicycle sales.  Bikes are typically not sold from our sales floor.  They are ordered for each individual client.  Our process begins with a casual appointment where we listen to you to determine how you will be using your new bike and what you want from your purchase.  This is also a great time for you to ask questions.  Buying a bike can be complicated.  We will provide straightforward, honest answers based on our years of experience selling thousands of bikes.  Bikes from our brands start at $2000.  All bike purchases include our Lifetime, Relationship-Based Fitting (value $650+) as well as exclusive access to our professional bicycle repair services for you and your immediate family.

Co-Motion Cycles

Ready to Purchase?

Once you are ready to purchase your bike, we'll take several measurements and observations to find your optimal size.  We always guarantee perfect sizing on any bike we sell.  Once the bike arrives we will accurately fit and adjust your bike to your body and riding style.  This will maximize your comfort and performance.  

When your new bike is delivered to you it will be impeccably assembled.  Most modern bikes arrive in a box mostly pre-assembled at the factory.  This allows bike shops to finish the assembly quickly using cheaper, less-skilled labor.  Factory assembly is marginal, but it isn't close to being perfect.  When we take your new bike out of the box we begin by taking things apart that have already been put together to ensure everything is assembled correctly.  This is time consuming, expensive and requires the know-how of a very experienced bicycle mechanic, but it will make your bike run better, feel more comfortable and last longer.