Lifetime, Relationship-Based Fitting ~ $650

We begin with a 4-hour appointment where we get to know you and your equipment. We'll discuss your motivations for riding, riding history, bikes you've owned, physical condition, what your typical riding is like and what your riding goals are.  We'll also gather lots of information about you and your bike to help us find your perfect fit and to construct a valuable database that we can use in the future as fitting needs occur.

We cover all aspects of bike fit including shoe fit, proper foot support and orthotics, cleat position, saddle height, saddle angle, saddle fore-aft, saddle choice, reach to handlebars, handlebar and stem assessment and height of handlebars. We also cover important aspects of riding including hand positions, pedaling technique, shifting and braking.

After finding an excellent starting point we will turn you loose to enjoy your new fit.  We will then encourage you to follow up with us to make sure that we have been completely successful. 

~ Due to increase in time, setup and additional body measurements there is an added $150 surcharge for fitting TT/Triathlon bicycles or road bikes with bolt-on aero bars.  

Unlike most bicycle fittings on the market, our fitting is good for as long as you own your bike.  We use a unique lifetime, relationship-based approach to bicycle fitting.  We do not think that it is good business or good sense to fit people in a "one-and-done" fashion.

The majority of our business comes from word-of-mouth recommendations.  Any success that we have had in bicycle fitting can and should be measured by the happiness, comfort and performance of our clients.

There is no way we can cover all of the details or philosophy behind our fitting methods in this space.  However, we would love to talk to you over the phone or in person if you'd like more details or if you have any bicycle fitting questions. 

"I just wanted you to know that in addition to it being a total pleasure to spend time with you a few weeks back my bike has never been such a joy to ride.  In fact, none of my bikes have ever been so comfortable, and you made the fit look so easy!  Great job!  It is a testament to your dedication, concern for you clients and singular experience."
~ Michael S., Indianapolis, IN

"I wanted to say thank for all of the time you took to do the bike fitting.  I never felt rushed, and it was cool to have your complete focus.  We rode 48 miles on Sunday.  I can't say enough about how it felt.  I did not have any numbness in my feet.  My legs felt comfortable.  My lower back and shoulders did not have issues like I used to.  The fitting was long overdo.  I think you run a really cool shop with a great atmosphere.  I am glad to have come in contact with you."
~ Greg A., Indianapolis, IN

We offer a Lifetime, Relationship-Based Fitting that covers any fitting related needs and adjustments during the life of your bike.  With 35+ years of combined bicycle fitting experience, we have fit thousands of cyclists of all types. 

Free lifetime fitting adjustments include:

~ Adjustments due to necessary fitting related parts changes such as saddle, seatpost, shoes, pedals, stem, handlebar and crank.

~ Adjustments and resetting due to crash, packing bike for travel and adjustments made by client or others.

~ Adjustments related to body changes such as injury, weight changes or age.

~ Adjustments related to changes in riding style and physical goals.

~ Accurate re-positioning of new cleats.

~ Full service shoe fitting and assessment with Lake Shoes.

The human interface with a bicycle is dynamic and complex, and it suits itself perfectly to a long-term, relationship-based fitting approach.

All fitting clients, as well as their immediate family, have access to our professional bicycle repair services.

Bicycle Fitting Services