Many of the items taken to Cuba have been donated by Bluegrass clients and friends.

Happy 17th Birthday to Ian
Cueto, Cuba ~ January 1, 2019

Alejandro, Jonathan and Serguei ~ "Hermanos"

In December 2018 we returned to Holguin, this time including our two children.  We felt the importance of having them see first-hand the hardships faced, but also the love, joy and resilience of the Cuban people.  We wanted them to meet our Cuban family and friends and understand why we have started on this amazing journey to help.

We also wanted them to understand how lucky and privileged we are and to not take our everyday lives for granted, and to feel proud that they could contribute to making someone else's life a little easier.     

Arriving from the airport to our casa. Holguin, Cuba ~ October 2017

Rooftop View

​Holguin, Cuba ~ December 2019

The Cuba Journey 

 A professional Park Tool Wheel Truing Stand next to a handmade version used by our friends in their bike shop ~ "Bluegrass de Cuba"

Holguin, Cuba ~ December 2019

Several youth cycling group members. Holguin, Cuba ~ October 2017

Our second visit really focused on leaving two mountain bikes as well as additional tools, spare parts and donated cycling apparel. We learned from our first visit that one of the best things we can do for our junior cycling friends is to ensure their mechanic is able to support them.    

By providing professional level tools, high quality spare parts and long-lasting equipment, our hope is to allow our friends to be creative with business and entrepreneurial ideas that will lead them to be successful and financially stable given the constraints they are given.   

Jonathan sharing his love of music and vinyl records with Gabby, Ivette, Oscar and Fausto. Holguin, Cuba ~ October 2017

Throughout our lives we have each had a passion and curiosity for Cuba (the people, the history, the culture, the music) and in October 2017 we journeyed together to the eastern province of Holguin.  Working through Bikes for Cuba, we were able to partner with a local cycling coach and team mechanic and our first trip focused on taking cycling clothing, spare parts and tools to a youth cycling group.

During our initial weeklong stay we formed strong bonds and even close family ties with many of the individuals we met along the way.  Serguei, the coach, and his wife Bety; Oscar and Ivette, the most wonderful hosts; Alejandro the mechanic, Fausto, a dear friend; and of course the kids, Gabby, Yan Carlos, Wendy and more.  

Alejandro takes Ian for his official "Cuban Haircut".
Holguin, Cuba ~ December 2018

When news broke on October 25, 2019, announcing all U.S. direct flights to Cuba, with the exception of Havana, would be banned beginning in December 2019, we immediately purchased our tickets and prepared for one more trip, not knowing when or if we would be able to see our Cuban friends and family again.  For the first time, we reached out to friends and family for assistance in making the most of our impromptu visit. 

This trip would not only focus on bicycle related items, including high-quality, professional level tools for our mechanic friends, but also medicines, toiletries and other necessary items that were increasingly becoming more difficult for our Cuban friends and family to acquire.

Toiletries and other items donated by many of our clients and friends.

​Holguin, Cuba ~ December 2019

Jonathan with our children Ian and Isabel
​Holguin, Cuba ~ December 2018

 "Bluegrass de Cuba" became official members of the Professional Bicycle Mechanics Association.

Holguin, Cuba ~ December 2019

Jonathan, Tania, Bety and Serguei (taking the photo). Ride to Mayabe. Holguin, Cuba ~ October 2017

Jonathan and Ian explore Holguin by bike.
Holguin, Cuba ~ December 2018

Professional tools for Alejandro.
​Holguin, Cuba ~ December 2018

December 3, 2019 ~ This calendar entry was on our first morning to wake up in Holguin for one last trip before flights would be banned.