"We are so lucky to have a fitter with your level of experience!  While we all have different fitting needs, it is especially valuable to be able to work with someone who can think "outside of the box" to address physical issues and keep us riding!  If it weren't for you, I wouldn't be riding!"
~ Catherine K., Indianapolis, IN

"If it wasn't for you, I'd be selling my bikes!  Thank you for getting me dialed in for long, long, long races and rides!"
~ Sally M., Zionsville, IN

"Thanks to you both for all of your hard work and TLC on my bike for Ironman Louisville!  I had no stress or doubts it would perform well, and it did!  Not a single issue on the big day.  Thanks again."

~ Marc F., Indianapolis, IN

"Jonathan and Tania are a family team offering personal one-on-one service.  Their professional work ethic is second to none and are very cordial and inviting.  They spend as much time helping out in the community and abroad as they do in their shop.  Everything from professional rebuilds to meeting in a parking lot up the road to teach someone how to ride a bike!  Bike fitting, purchase, repairs, and try-for-fit loaning make this team a dream come true!"

~ Ron M., Indianapolis, IN

"Jonathan is amazing.  I have had my bike for two years, and I have never been this comfortable riding.  Highly recommended."
~ Heather A., Indianapolis, IN

"Things are going well with the "fit" bike.  Rode it a couple of times and feels great!  Raced and finished 3rd in category.  Good for me; didn't podium once last year!
~ Jeff S., Indianapolis, IN

"Just wanted to give a shout out to the folks at Bluegrass Bicycle Company!  They took an already great setup and fine tuned EVERYTHING to give me a perfect fit.  Hopped on the trainer with my bike this morning for an hour and all of those tiny little adjustments made a world of difference in my comfort level.  I can't wait to get her out on the road for a long ride!"
~ Michelle C., Indianapolis, IN

"I called at 7 p.m. with an issue that would have hampered me on a scheduled 80 mile ride coming up in a couple days.  By 9 a.m. the next morning I was on my way with a comprehensive fix to my bike's problem.  Thanks again Bluegrass Bicycle Company you certainly came through for me."
~ Jesse M., Indianapolis, IN

"The bike felt way faster, smoother, and more responsive than I would have expected, and the fit adjustments seemed to make a huge difference.  I did this same ride a couple of weeks ago, and this morning I was faster by about 10 minutes.  I was definitely not expecting such a huge difference in how the bike feels.  Even if you factor in some placebo effect or whatever, that is still an insane difference.  Really appreciate all of your help."
~ Jeremiah B., Zionsville, IN

"Looking for a good bike fitter or mechanic?  Bluegrass Bicycle Company is amazing!"
~ Jason M., Avon, IN

"[Bluegrass Bicycle Company] provides outstanding fitting service and equipment.  Do not pass [them] up when looking for bikes or service."
~ Ron G., Carmel, IN

"I wanted to let you guys know how great you are and how much better my bike fits!  You guys take your time and really know how to make HUGE improvements.  I was so hesitant to spend the money, but I am so glad I did!  I really appreciate everything you have done for me (and my bike)."
~ Nicole C., Indianapolis, IN

"Thanks for your work on my road bike.  I have had two solid rides on it since you worked on it.  The bars, stem and associated adjustments are great.  Got a good, hard ride in last night as well.  Same conclusion."
~ David T., Carmel, IN

"Got my first good, long ride after we made those adjustments and happy to report no numbness!  What a difference a couple of millimeters makes!"
~ Charles S., New Albany, IN

"Thanks for such a great job on my bicycle!  I rode about four miles Saturday, and it was such a pleasure to have smooth shifting, sitting straight and new brakes.  Thanks so much!"

~ Jim P., Ft. Wayne, IN

"I can't tell you what a big difference the bike fit has made in my rides.  Amazing improvement in comfort and duration."

~ Derek R., Indianapolis, IN

"Just wanted to let you know that I went for an easy spin this morning and felt fantastic.  I can't believe the difference.  I had more control, felt better making tight turns and overall felt more comfortable on the bike.  I greatly appreciate your time and expertise."
~ Rachel W., Indianapolis, IN

"I've gotten four rides in since the fitting. (130 miles-ish), and I've got to say I'm extremely happy with the results.  Overall I'm very comfortable and happy."

~ Roger K., Indianapolis, IN

"The mods you made were PERFECT!  This +30 year old bike couldn't be better and your ideas about the shifters, well, I can't thank you enough.  It's been a great ride along the Monon."

~ Lance C., Indianapolis, IN

"Just wanted to let you know that I was able to make it out for a group ride last night, and it was the best 40 miles I have had on this bike for a very long time!  The bike shifted flawlessly, and it responds better than I anticipated.  Thanks again for working so diligently on this for me, all is greatly appreciated."
~ Lisa A., Lafayette, IN

"Thanks for fitting my bike.  Great job.  It is like a new bike.  Rode in the Great Greenway Tour yesterday and rode 100 miles for the first time!"
~ Sue M., Greenwood, IN

"First, you are a f#*$ing genius!  After you adjusted my fit I rode an easy ride and then a couple of hard rides, and I was astonished at how much better I felt on the hard rides.  I was noticeably faster, too!  As I was riding I kept waiting for my legs to feel bad, and they never did.  I didn't have to back off, and I was able to accelerate more often and with much better results.  It was great.  Thank YOU!"
~ Debra W., Indianapolis, IN

"Everything feels good.  Zipped right along at a little higher speed, even into the 13 MPH head wind.  Thank you for everything.  You are very thorough in your instructions and extremely knowledgeable in everything concerning bicycles.  This bike is smooth and more reactive than my old one."
~ Reid W., Brownsburg, IN

"I was eager to get on my bike after the bike fit yesterday.  It was a more comfortable ride.  We went 27.5 miles, and I really noticed a difference with the handlebars closer.  I even rode down low since we had a decent wind the second half.  Also, my neck didn't feel nearly as stressed as before.  Thank you - so far so good."
~ Geri S., Ft. Wayne, IN

"Wanted to touch base and let you know the bike was fantastic on Saturday.  Pushed hard and rode my fastest time ever over 75k, no pain anywhere.  Bike felt really efficient, was ready to do another 75k, but they closed the course.  Thanks so much for working with me to get all the bugs worked out."
~ Mike B., Noblesville, IN

Customer Testimonials