Our Specialties
We deal in a very wide variety of music, but we tend to buy and sell more from the following genres:

~ Classic Rock  ~  Bluegrass  ~  Newgrass/Jamgrass  ~  Americana
~ Jazz  ~  Jazz Fusion  ~  Vocal Jazz  ~  Progressive Rock
~ Folk/Singer-Songwriter  ~  Pop Rock  ~  New Age/Ambient
~ Reggae  ~  Funk  ~  Soul  ~  African-American Gospel  ~  Cuban
~ Latin  ~  World  ~  Electronic  ~  Blues  ~  Big Band/Swing
~ Jazz Rap  ~  Conscious Rap  ~  Disco  ~  Oldies   
~ Stage & Screen  ~  Classical

We Buy Vintage Music
If you have vinyl records, cassette tapes or CD's that you would like to sell please get in touch with us to make an appointment.  Once we see your collection we can determine if it’s something that we can use and make you a reasonable, fair offer.

If you're looking for an old collection to go to a good home we frequently "adopt" old collections that other record stores won't buy or touch.  We understand that these old collections can hold tremendous sentimental value for their owners or their loved ones.  We take the time to clean, curate and archive these items.  The music gets another chance to impact and inspire other people instead of getting lost, forgotten or thrown away.

We also have a program called “Music for Good” where we buy your collection and instead of paying you the proceeds we make a donation in your name to the charitable organization of your choice.  It's a great way to clean out your closets, basement, garage or attic and do some good at the same time!

What to Expect
~ We work by appointment.  Please contact us before you visit as we do not have regular open retail hours.  Each customer or small group of customers has exclusive access to the store during their visit.  Feel free to bring some friends.  We love to host small groups.

~ We’re always happy to provide friendly musical advice or recommendations.  If you’re new to vintage music collecting we can make recommendations for things you might like.  If you're an experienced collector we'll try to guide you to something unique that you might not see anywhere else. 

~ We do not put annoying price tags or stickers on any merchandise.  Almost all of our merchandise is listed online on Discogs, and prices, condition and special notes can be viewed from a smartphone or one of our devices in the store.

~ We have an amazing sound system throughout the shop.  Listen to whatever you want at the volume you want on a premium sound system and hear it before you buy it.

~ We enjoy hosting out-of-town record collectors and traveling musicians.  We are just off multiple interstate highways, and we are a reasonable Uber/Lyft ride from the Indianapolis airport, downtown Indianapolis and other points in the Indy area.

~ We have premium record and cassette displays for comfortable browsing.  We also have height-adjustable, padded stools for getting to things that are down low.  Everything is clean, organized and well-lit.

~ We accept cash, check, any major credit card (including American Express) and Apple Pay.

~ We occasionally host exclusive, live shows for our customers with local, regional and national artists.

~ We always have complimentary water, coffee, espresso and herbal tea and craft beer.

We are a bicycle shop AND a record store too!  We sell hand-picked, curated vintage vinyl records, CD's, cassette tapes, 8-tracks and other vintage media.  We love to share our passion for physical-format music with others. 

We strive to provide a completely different experience than typical, traditional retail record stores.  We want to provide an experience that we would want ourselves if we were out shopping for vinyl records and vintage music.

Vintage Music Record Store