What is a fitting and why is it important?

For a triathlete, the bicycle is a complex tool needed to complete one-third of the job at hand.  We understand the triathlon event from start to finish including the importance of optimizing the bike for better running performance.  

Our Lifetime, Relationship-Based Fitting means that we will continue to dial in the perfect fit over time.  Throughout the fitting and subsequent visits, we'll cover a variety of topics.  Some of the topics often discussed include:

~ Transition Strategy
~ Nutrition and Fueling
~ Hydration Questions and Solutions

~ Proper Shoe Fit, Insoles and Foot Orthotics

~ Training and Coaching
~ Weight Loss

~ Riding Technique

~ Riding Etiquette

~ Finding the Right Saddle

~ Aerodynamics

~ Proper Gearing

~ Power Measurement

~ Equipment Recommendations

~ Bicycle Maintenance

~ Fix-a-Flat Lessons

~ Bike Travel and Packing Lessons 

At Bluegrass Bicycle Company we are experts in triathlon. Whether we are fitting a bike or working on it mechanically, we focus on providing the best service for our clients.    

We work with triathletes of all abilities, from first timers through Iron Man finishers.  We have decades of experience helping hundreds of athletes achieve their personal best, no matter their personal goals.

Our clients compete regularly in local, regional, national and world events at all levels and distances.  Whether you are planning your first Go Girl or Tri Indy event or you have committed to an Iron Man regionally or abroad, we can help you along the entire journey.  

Jonathan spending time in the local ARC wind tunnel.